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It happened when Anton and Julia Samylkin created a music band for recording their own pieces of music in 2004 in a tiny town Krasnogorovka (Donetsk region). Soon the band received the name ‘Monoteos’ and preformed on the stages of Donetsk, in different clubs and rock festivals. The group worked actively recording their singles in ‘Zenon’ studio (Slavyansk city). In 2008 the group was given another name - M.S.D. (Monoteos-SkyDreams) and this name characterized the new sound and trend of the band. Now it played nothing but Light Rock. In 2012 the band released its first debut album ‘Something the Heaven longs for’.  

Judging by the words of M.S.D participants: “Our first commandment is to give back to the big life around us the music that we experienced in our lives! We do not play any parts, we do not plan our success, all we do is live and leave a part of our experience in our music!

We treasure every person from our audience. If you feel that our music is close and understandable, it means we look at this world with the same eyes!”  

The name of the band ‘Monoteos-SkyDreams’ consists of three words, and each of them contains attitudes and beliefs of the band and the ideology of their music. Monoteos-SkyDreams is usually pronounced as M.S.D., where the first letters of the words are taken. ‘Monoteos’ means the reign of one God, ‘Sky-Dreams’ proves that the music of M.S.D. is full of celestial tunes and is aimed at making people believe in their dreams.  

M.S.D.: “A man cannot accept anything at all unless it comes from the Sky above!”